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8 Tips to get better grades and grab ‘A’ easily.

8 Tips to get better grades and grab ‘A’ easily.

One of the most common questions in students’ minds is “How to get good grades in every class?” Based on my experience, I believe that most students know how to study to achieve good grades. However, the thing that stops them from achieving it is ‘themselves’. The main reason behind is their self-responsibility. Everyone knows what being a responsible person is like, but still can’t be it yet. So, I would like to share the meaning of it to you, ‘Self-responsibility’ means taking responsibility for aspects of your life that are within your control. You are responsible for the choices in your life, the direction you choose to travel and the way you think and feel. Therefore, if you really want to achieve better grades and grab ‘A’ easily, you have to take responsibility for your study. I strongly believe that the following tips will help you achieve more with your study and result in better grades. 

  1. Take the right subjects

First of all, you have to take the right subject then everything will be much easier. Choose any subject that you are passionate or interested about by doing so it will drive you to become active and want to achieve a good grade. However, I understand that you may say that you don’t really know what to decide for your career path yet. If so, I highly recommend you pick the necessary subjects which are English, math and computer science because it will give you more possibility to find your passion and the right career path.

  1. Choose the right lecturer (If possible)

I was allowed to choose my own lecturer during my university life by enrolling in a class section that a good professor will be teaching. What does a good professor mean? Any lecturer who can deliver the content to students briefly, effectively, and able to create a good class environment for students and make them feel that they don’t want to miss any class. I often asked for lecturer reviews from my senior friends before every class enrollment. So I highly recommend you to do the same. (If possible)

  1. Surround yourself with the right classmates

This is one of the most important things to keep in mind to achieve better grades and everything in life because “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with and listen to”. If you want to get good grades, surround yourself with the top 5 highest responsibilities or score in the class. Soon or later your surroundings will drive you to become the same.

  1. Attend every class

Not everyone will agree with this, but the fact is that if you miss any class, you are one step behind those you attend the class. If you miss many classes you are many steps behind ‘A’ grades. Most of the time, the most important classes are the classes that you missed. So attending all classes will give you more advantage to achieve good grades but, with this tip alone will not guarantee any ‘A’ grades if you don’t follow the remaining tips.

  1. Environment matter, so always sit up front

You might wonder how it is important to sit up front. Firstly, sitting up front will remove all distractions from other classmates which allow you to focus more and understand more. Furthermore, when you understand the lesson, you gain a higher chance to do well in your test. Moreover, imagine that you are sitting in front, this means that you have a lower chance to fall asleep while studying. Lastly, this allows you to ask questions easier.

  1. Take note and be an active listener

In general, no one can memorize everything they see or listen to. If you are learning something complicated, taking notes is very useful and will help improve your understanding. I highly recommend you listen carefully and take note of only important topics.

  1. Review your notes and read the textbook before class.

This is one of the classic and simple techniques. If you want to understand better and store what you learn into your brain, repetition is a must because it helps transferring short term memory into long term memory.

  1. Prepare for a test in advance for at least a week.

Relating to tip 7, in order to recall what you learned during your test or exam, you have to revise and practice doing assignments several times. You will feel confident with your understanding about the lesson. When you are confident with your understanding, you are likely to get a high score on your exam. Therefore, getting a high score means getting better grades and ‘A’ is just a piece of cake.

To conclude, these are the basic tips from my experience as a student. I hope all of you will gain something from this content. I believe there is no right or wrong so you might agree or disagree and if you have any tips to help the readers please share it in the comment below.


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